Julia’s Bali

We at Julia’s see a holiday as an enrichment to life. A memorable, care-free time, spent with the ones you love. Full of new experiences and inspiration to take back home with you. © Julia’s Bali

Julia’s Bali has more than 10 years of experience in private villa rental in Bali. The team of Julia’s Bali offers a unique selection of villas with all the services you need, like: concierge service and a fully staffed villa. They put all their effort in making your holiday an experience that you will never forget.

With the right use of online marketing Julia’s Bali’s goal is to receive more requests for their villas based on their target audiences.

Where did the journey start for Julia’s Bali?

Julia’s Bali had an online marketing agency to set up their Google Ads account in order to get their target audience to their website. Unfortunately the online marketing agency did not add the right value that was expected. Based on the performance of the campaign Julia’s Bali decided to turn off their advertisements in Google.

Considering the importance of online marketing and advertising, the team of Julia’s Bali was looking for a partner that could improve their search engine optimisation (SEO) and assist them in managing and setting up their online advertising. Marketing Madheads and Julia’s Bali decided to work together on the account and optimise it together. During this collaboration Julia’s Bali learned how to launch new campaigns and optimise running campaigns by themselves.

Next to guiding Julia’s Bali in their Google advertising we started an educational SEO program in combination with Platform M. The team of Julia’s Bali made a lot of progress with their SEO and understanding how to optimise their website for the right target audiences.

Online Marketing Platform M.

Julia’s Bali is using Platform M. for their website juliasbali.com. Their team was coached by one of our senior online marketeers and got more insights & understanding in how to do their own SEO with Platform M. Based on our collaboration we support the team of Julia’s Bali whenever they need back up or help.

Marketing Madheads did a revision of the Google Ads account together with the team of Julia’s Bali. The next step was to optimize the campaigns in order to get the best performance. After a couple of coaching sessions Julia’s Bali’s team could do their Google Ads by himself.

The average position of 130 focus keywords

Julia’s Bali started to rise in the organic search results of Google after they began to optimize their website for the search engine. Their average position of all the focus keywords rose from an average position of 95.4 to an average position of 33.2 in less than three months. Julia’s Bali can track their daily average position per page with the Ranktracker, integrated in M. In the meantime Julia’s Bali got great pageranks on longtail keywords after optimizing with M.

Here are the results of the first two months:

posities in Google, Julia's Bali

SEO with Platform M.

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Content, Technique and Authority are the three big domains of SEO. All three SEO domains are integrated in Platform M. and with the data of more than 25 online marketing tools you have all the right tools to optimize the SEO of your website.

Platform M. summarizes all the point of improvement for you website and guides you through the SEO process so you can do it all by yourself! In lack of time or need an expert? You can easily get help from a senior online marketeer to get your tasks done.



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