Marketing Bright started their online adventure since the summer of 2012. They have grown into the biggest platform in their market.

Where did the journey start for

Marketing Bright was already familiar with the world of online marketing, but the firm was searching for an easier way to get structure into their activities. Jerome Knoot, the owner of Marketing Bright, experienced some difficulties with recruiting freelance text writers and Excel was not working easy enough so they gave Platform M. a try.

Online Marketing Platform M.

Marketing Bright is still using the online marketing platform for their website ‘’. They chose no external help, because they already had a team with online marketeers. But like all companies that use platform M. they recieved (A.I. driven) points of improvements for their SEO. By improving these points with M. they rose above competitors and began gaining more organic traffic on their site.

Looking for structure

The biggest concern of Marketing Bright was the overview of activities. In M., Marketing Bright could easily link keywords with the matching page of their website and got a good insight of the average position per keyword. They can monitor every activity and keep track of their daily positions. They left Excel behind, began to get a better view of their daily activities and the effects of these activities.

The core products of the website (54 keywords):

Marketing Bright can follow their average position per page in the rancktracker, integrated in M. Marketing Bright started to rise in the organic search results of Google. And the positions began to get higher and higher for their pages. Their average position for the keywords of their core products rose from an average position of 12.8 to an average position of 5.4.

Zoekwoorden Posities Marketing Bright


See the volume per keyword and see the monthly search volume in the right!

volume per keyword

The average positions for all keywords of Marketing Bright

The average position of all 207 keywords went from an average position of 14.3 to an average position of 10.7 in three months.

posities zoekwoorden

Comparing Marketing Bright to their competitors

Marketing Bright added competitors to online marketing platform M. and came to the conclusion that they missed out on some important keywords. They added the keywords to their keywords in platform M. and started to optimise. An easy and overlooked way to get new terrain on Google.

online marketing concurrentieanalyse

The SEO trajectory with M.

  • Contains all online marketing aspects and gives personalised (A.I. driven) points to optimise the clients’ website SEO.
  • Content, Technic and Authority are the three big aspects of SEO. All three SEO aspects are integrated in the tool and with more than 25 online marketing tools combined in M. you can easily optimise the SEO of your website.
  • Platform M. gives an overview of optimisations you can do yourself! If you don’t have the time or the need to do it yourself, you can easily get help from a senior online marketeer to get your tasks done.
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